Pooled Storage: Google Workspace Business Starter

Google has announced significant changes to its Google Workspace pricing and storage structures in an effort to simplify storage management and improve collaborative capabilities. The most significant change affects the entry-level Business Starter tier, which will now employ pooled storage instead of per-user storage allocation. This upgrade provides a more flexible and effective approach for organizations to manage storage resources, as well as new capabilities such as shared drives. Let us look more into the advantages and consequences of this change.

Google Workspace: Pooled Storage in Business Starter Plan

Pooled Storage: Simple and Flexible?

Pooled storage allows any storage capacity within an organisation utilising the Business Starter plan to be shared collectively. Previously, each user had their own 30 GB of storage. However, the total storage accessible under the new model will be determined as “30 GB times the number of End Users.” Administrators will be able to set per-user storage limitations, giving them greater control over storage allocation. This change eliminates the requirement for per-user storage management, providing a more streamlined approach to storage management.

Shared Drives: Enhanced Collaboration

Google is offering shared drives to the Business Starter tier as part of this shift. Shared drives offer various benefits that enhance effective team collaboration and smooth file access. Among the many advantages are:

  • Easy Discoverability: Shared drives save the time spent requesting file access and searching for important documents by collecting all team files in one location. This functionality allows teams to easily find and retrieve the files they require, increasing productivity.
  • Persistent Files: When using shared drives, all content is preserved even if collaborators or team members leave the organisation. This assures the preservation of critical information and important data, allowing for smooth transitions and minimizing disturbances.
  • Streamline Collaboration: Every member of a shared drive can access and work on the same files. Users can also invite external users to join in the collaborative process, both within and outside their organization. This feature promotes cross-functional cooperation and makes it easier to collaborate with partners, clients, or vendors.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access: You can ensure files are available regardless of the user’s location or device using Shared Drives. This flexibility enables teams to operate remotely, increasing productivity and allowing for seamless collaboration among scattered teams.

Transition to Pooled Storage

The transition to pooled storage will take place in two stages. New Business Starter plan sign-ups will begin using the pooled storage model next week. While current Business Starter customers will progressively move to the new storage structure over the next few months. This staggered approach enables a smooth changeover for existing users while providing new clients with immediate access. This will expand storage and collaboration options.


To summarize, Google Workspace’s Business Starter tier’s change from per-user storage to pooled storage represents a big step towards simplifying storage management and boosting collaboration features. Further, teams adopting the entry-level plan acquire strong capabilities to boost productivity, streamline file access, and foster seamless collaboration by introducing shared drives. Therefore, Pooled storage allows organizations to manage their storage resources in a more effective and flexible manner, allowing for optimal utilization and removing the complications associated with individual storage allocations. Further, these upgrades, as Google Workspace evolves, present compelling reasons for enterprises to embrace Google Workspace as a full solution for their productivity and collaboration needs.

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