Duet AI for Cloud was announced by Google for developers with code & chat assistance. In March, Google announced a bunch of AI features for its Workspace suite of apps in an effort to keep pace with Microsoft’s rapid integration of similar tools.
Google I/O introduced new branding for this effort called Duet AI although the features are not widely available to the general public yet, a new feature called “Sidekick” was teased. Sidekick can read, summarize, and answer questions on documents across different Google apps


For several decades, the cloud has been essentially a “do it yourself” approach with a plethora of alternatives that have made development more difficult. Hence, the cloud moved from tremendously amazing to…. a little overwhelming.

Google’s cutting-edge generative AI foundation models power Duet AI, an always-on AI collaborator that delivers aid to users of all skill levels where they need it. Duet AI will create a new cloud experience, personalized and intent-driven, to help develop safe, scalable apps while providing expert advice.


Duet AI encompasses a variety of generative AI capabilities for Google’s productivity products. This includes

  1. writing assistance in Docs and Gmail
  2. picture production for Slides,
  3. automatic meeting summaries for Meet

Google I/O also announced that Gmail on mobile will receive a writing aid called “Help me write,” which is an enhanced version of Smart Compose. But, to gain access to these new features, you must first sign up for Workspace Labs and join a waitlist.

New Capabilities:

Furthermore, here are some of the new capabilities available to get us started on our mission to deliver a new personalized and intent-driven cloud experience:

Code assistance provides AI-driven support for cloud users, including application developers and data engineers. It also provides real-time code recommendations, creates whole functions and code blocks, and finds and repairs vulnerabilities and problems in the code.

Duet AI
Code assistance

Code assistance is available in Google Cloud across products like Cloud Workstations, Cloud Console, Cloud Shell Editor, and also IDE plugins.

2. Chat assistance enables consumers to ask particular development or cloud-related inquiries using easy natural language. Users may utilize chat support to receive real-time instruction on various topics. For example, how to use certain cloud services or features, or obtain comprehensive implementation plans for cloud projects. It can also give best practices for architecture or code, reducing the need to hunt for relevant papers.

Duet AI
Chat assistance

Google Cloud’s chat assistance accelerates work for developers, operators, data engineers, and security professionals across multiple areas.

Duet AI for AppSheet allows customers utilize natural language to design intelligent business apps, integrate data, and build processes into Google Workspace. Users can to construct apps without coding by articulating their requirements in a conversation accompanied by AI-powered hints. This makes app creation more accessible to consumers, allowing development teams to focus on other high-impact tasks.

Duet AI
App sheet

Final Thoughts

To summarize, Google’s evolving assistant aims to reduce developer workload and rejuvenate the enthusiasm for cloud development. Therefore, Duet AI can navigate the cloud with more ease, and fun

And this is just the beginning. With Duet AI, the future cloud experience offers expanded access and personalized assistance for developers.

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