Enabling Bard for Google Workspace accounts

Google Bard, an AI-powered chatbot, was initially only available to users with personal Google accounts. However, Google has now made Bard accessible to Google Workspace account holders. Workspace admins can enable Bard for their domains, allowing their users to access Bard using their Workspace accounts. The only exception is Google Workspace for Education accounts for children below 18, who still won’t have access to the chatbot.

Google Bard can help with work, research, or other business needs, such as planning, ideation, and advice. Admins can turn access to Bard on or off for their users in the Admin console under Apps > Additional Google services > Early Access Apps. Note that Bard is separate from other AI-powered innovations that Google is working on for Google Workspace.

Google Bard AI hands-on: A work in progress with plenty of caveats |  Engadget
Bard Dashboard

Workspace users will still have to sign up for the waitlist to get access to Google Bard. The default setting will disable the feature, but admins will have the ability to enable it at the domain, OU, or group level. Access to Google Bard will also be limited based on regional availability. This means that even if admins are able to see the option to enable Bard on their Workspace Console, it won’t be functional unless Bard itself is available in that country.

Benefits of Bard:

Using Google Bard AI for business needs has several benefits.

  1. Bard helps generate unique ideas, which is essential to stay ahead of the competition in the internet age.
  2. It assists with research tasks, simplifying other business needs such as planning, ideation, advice, and more.
  3. Another benefit is it helps in identifying candidates who share the same values and beliefs as the company in HR. Fourthly, it can impact content marketing by generating unique and accurate results using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning.
  4. The UI is user-friendly, facilitating easy access to documentation, sample codes, and resources. Overall, using Google Bard AI can supercharge imagination, boost productivity, and help bring ideas to life.

Google is rolling out Bard to Google Workspace accounts, with an estimated 15-day wait for availability. All Google Workspace clients and older G Suite Basic and Business subscribers can use it. What are your thoughts on the new Google Workspace and Google Bard integration? Will this transform the way we work?

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