Gmail “Help Me Write”: The Email Bot

Email has undeniably changed the way we communicate, but it can also be time-consuming and tedious, particularly when it comes to drafting routine or repeating communications. Recognising this problem, Gmail just launched an innovative solution called “Help Me Write” at the Google I/O event.

This new AI-powered function seeks to make monotonous email composing easier by automating the drafting process. With 1.8 billion active users on Gmail, “Help Me Write” has the potential to revolutionize email communication. In this article, we’ll look at how Help Me Write works and when it’ll be available for Gmail and other Google products.

Gmail: Help Me Write Feature
Gmail: Help Me Write Feature

How does “Help Me Write’ Work?

  • Help Me Write expands on Google’s existing Smart Compose and Smart Reply services, released in prior years.
  • Smart Reply and Smart Compose provide pre-populated options for rapid automatic responses, and ‘Help Me Write’ delivers real-time suggestions while you type.
  • When given a simple message outline, an AI-powered application composes an entire email using contextual information. It can also improve the email by cutting or extending the language, changing the tone, or making it more formal. Users can then update the email manually or send it as it is.
Example Usage

During the Google I/O event, CEO Sundar Pichai demonstrated Help Me Write by writing an email to an airline requesting a full reimbursement for a cancelled flight. Help Me Write developed a thorough email message from scratch using information gathered from the airline’s email giving a coupon. This example highlighted the AI tool’s capacity to generate contextually relevant emails based on particular instructions.

Help me write demonstration
Help Me Write Demonstration


Since March, Google Docs and Gmail users have been trying to Help Me Write, and a selected number of Google testers will begin employing AI assistants for Google Sheets and Google Slides in June. However, an official launch date for Help Me Write, available to all Gmail users, has yet to be disclosed.

Future Updates

Pichai stated that the features and updates will be introduced in a Google Workspace update, but a precise date has yet to be offered.


Gmail’s new “Help Me Write” function significantly improves email composing automation. This application goes beyond basic suggestions by utilizing the power of AI, allowing users to quickly generate full emails.

“Help Me Write” provides convenience without sacrificing personalization by enabling you to refine and customize the generated draughts.

While the exact release date is unknown, Gmail users hungry for an improved email experience anticipate this revolutionary addition. When released, “Help Me Write” has the potential to change the way of engagement and eliminate composing repetitive messages.

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