What is Cloud Telephony & How it works and its Benefits?

Doing business is not easy nowadays in this business world, as we deal with so many new leads, customers, vendors, etc. occurring daily. Managing all new and old information, it becomes challenging. We communicate with them using several communication channels like meeting in real (which is very rare), using emails, chats, phone calls, etc. But that not all there are other lots of business operation/work which becomes difficult to handle together.

Handling a large volume of inbound and outbound communication channels is very difficult and confusing. Moreover, the work gets completely exhausted. Due to this, many organizations started using cloud services.

But what is cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony is the technology that brings the change in your business working as it moves your business phone system to the cloud. It became the smartest way to manage all your business calls without missing any factor that comes with high quality and low cost. 

Cloud phone systems guarantee businesses to have better and reliable access to combined business communication without any burden and make the business working smoother.

Why switching to cloud telephony from your traditional telephone systems is important?

 Let’s discuss some benefits of cloud telephony to look over.

Cost performance

Cloud telephony is a solution that cuts down your business costs to a large extent. It eliminates your spending on traditional desk phone systems, which gradually removes maintenance, installation, or services cost. The best part of switching to cloud telephony solutions is it will not take up your office space as it will be installed on your employee’s laptop. With all the savings of using old methods, your organization can save a lot.

  • flexibility

Now in organization employee prefers flexible work policies so they can manage there work without any stress. Every day the number of employees increasing for supporting flexible work hours and healthy office environments. Remote work has taken the rise like never before. Whereas some employers believe that such working culture works well only for freelance, But it is a smart way to understand your work policies and to know how much a mobile and flexible work policy can benefit your organization.

Cloud telephony is said to be a business solution that allows your employees to do their work using mobile. In this way, your employee can support office calls/work calls even if they are not in the office. It can be used with any device having an Internet connection that has the cloud telephony app installed would help you to take your business moves towards better operations.

The best part is with increase performance you will also get benefits like cut down on the expenditure on desktops.

  • Quick setup

It is really easy to get started with cloud telephony you need a computer and internet connection. Yes, that’s it! No additional hardware or license is required. 

  •  Customizable 

Every organization changes from time to time. Which can give rise to new requirements at any time as the organization changes requirements rapidly too changes. SaaS products can only stay true to their mettle as they provide rapid updates and customizations.

 Cloud telephony solutions are highly scalable and customizable. Can you make customized as per the requirements example Need to add eleven new members to the cloud telephony in an account of your existing sales team? You can customize it.

  • Boost the performance of sales and support teams

Cloud telephony has a unique feature called the Auto Dialer. This feature dialer helps you automatically make calls and drop messages and voicemails. This allows your sales or support team employees to process the functions smoothly. Also involves feature like add end call, quick notes, and makes the process easy.

Now zero manual work is required, and making notes and doing follow-up became easier.

  •  Easy with complete control 

When we grow our business phone system also grow which becomes difficult to maintain, but with cloud telephony, it is easy as now you can grow without worrying about infrastructure, and with that, you will get complete control of your system from your browser with no need of IT team,

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