G Suite for Work: Cloud Computing & Latest Updates

G Suite is a bundle of cloud-based services. These services are used by various companies, organizations, etc. Before discussing how g suite is used for work. Let’s first understand what is G suite basically.

G Suite

G Suite is a suite created by Google for businesses. By creating a G Suite account you can access Gmail and also get some GB of Google Drive storage per user according to your G Suite plan. G Suite provides access to a number of Google applications such as Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, Hangouts, and much more.

G Suite for work

G suite is used by billions of people for work and businesses in almost all fields. Through Google Applications collaboration is simple, easy, and effective. With this sharing of spreadsheets and documents, creating video conferences with hangouts and instant messaging is possible. Not only has this you can plan and share your meeting planned with Google Calendar.

The G Suite plans allow all team members of a company or organization on your company domain to access the apps in the suite.

How does G Suite work?

As discussed above G Suite is a SaaS application. Let’s discussed the apps used by G Suite that are accessible remotely, over the Internet.

  • Gmail: – It is easy to use and consist of security feature.
  • Drive: – it is used to share files effortlessly over the cloud with advanced features.
  • Calendar: – it is used to schedule meetings, collaborates on video calls, and seamlessly sync with mobile devices.
  • Google docs: – Docs really made work easier. It is used to create, edit and share documents. You can enjoy real-time editing through it with the latest commenting and texting feature.
  • Sheets: – Google sheets used to build, edit and review spreadsheets online. It is simple to manipulate and share data through it.
  • Hangouts: – Hangouts made it easy to attend audio and video meetings and help the team work together.

When any company, organization, or business buys a G Suite package then they can use these apps to work efficiently and effectively as a team by sharing documents, scheduling meetings on Calendars, connect  on Hangouts & much more.

What’s the Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a physical infrastructure with various services that operate through the internet to restore remote data. Cloud resources include various tools and applications such as data storage, networking, databases, software, and servers. There are generally three models for it.

These are Iaas( Infrastructure as a staff), PaaS(Platform as a Service), and SaaS(Software as a Service). G Suite is also known as a software service that’s why it’s an example of it. Let’s move on to G Suite updates:-

G Suite Latest Updates

G suite is in trend as it is also used by thousands of users for business and work. Google introduced Google workspace after rebranding G Suite with some updated features. Let’s discuss some latest updates of the G Suite listed below:-

  1. Security for Android wears users:  Google updated security for android wear users by showing concern for business managers and users for preventing their potential data by providing security.
  2. Google Calendar & Microsoft Exchange compatibility:  Another amazing update is that Google added improvements to allow users of both Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange to view a colleague’s schedule. As it made communication simple and much easier.
  3. Whitelisting third-party apps with G Suite: Google provided G Suite managers the ability to allow & manage third-party apps by updating its feature.
  4. Background Replacement:-Google updated a feature through which you can replace Google Meet with a new admin setting.
  5. Video Quality: – You can check the updated quality before joining Google Meet call of your video and a peripheral device.

We hope this article makes you understand what is G Suite for work, Cloud Computing, and the latest updates of G suite. For more information regarding G Suite, updates, and G Suite plans you can contact us freely.

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