Google Workspace Business Plans & Pricing in India

Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite and Google Apps for Business) is a cloud-based bundle package of cloud apps. As per the research and market share, It is one of most liked product for messaging, teams collaboration and employee productivity. It’s plan come in two sets:

  1. GWB (Google Workspace for Business) is for 300 and less user company
  2. GWE (Google Workspace for Enterprise) is 300+ users and more details about it will be discussed in the upcoming blog.

As per requirement, businesses can choose one or more plans to suit their needs.

GWB Plans:

  1. Google Workspace Business Starter (GWBStr) Plan: With this plan, You can get 30GB of storage size. All core applications. (Google Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Sites, Groups, Teams, Chats, Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, Spreadsheets). Standard Support, Security & Compliance Features. [100 participant video meetings, Unlimited Storage for Google File Formats].
  2. Google Workspace Business Standard (GWBS) Plan: With this plan , you can gets 2TB storage size. All of GWBStr features. [150 participant video meetings, Unlimited Storage for Google File Formats, Meet Recording & Attendance].
  3. Google Workspace Business Plus (GWBP) Plan: With this plan, you can get 5TB storage size. eDiscovery, Retention, Enhanced Security, Google Vault archiving. Advance Endpoint management, Management Controls. All of GWBS features. [500 participant video meetings, Unlimited Storage for Google File Formats and Meet Recording].

GW Business Plans are best suited for small-medium businesses. With Techbliss Solutions, a business can evaluate any Workspace plan. Techbliss Solutions is an authorised Google Cloud Partner and provide Workspace plans for fresh and discount on renewals, deals on GSuite training and Google Technical Support for Workspace related issues.

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