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What are the changes to your G Suite unlimited storage plans when Google moves you to Workspace?

Google rebranded G Suite as Google Workspace in October 2020. It was not just a rebranding, the amount of Google Drive storage also matters. The amount of storage you will get through Google depends on the G Suite Plans users choose.

Google has made the latest change to its Online Productivity Suite, branding, and workflow updates in Workspace. In addition, G Suite had the ability to get unlimited Drive Storage. On the other hand, Unlimited Google Drive Storage is going away with the Workspace.

Considering Google drive storage, Workspace works differently in comparison to the G Suite. G Suite allowed 30 GB of storage for each user with as many users as you want. Not only this, you can get unlimited storage for each user.

On the other hand, the Google Workspace Business Starter tier offers 30 GB per user, Business Standard offers 2TB, and business Plus 5 TB. And all of these tiers are limited to 300 people/users. A question that may arise in the mind of current G Suite users is that can they migrate their G Suite account to Workspace?

G-Suite Pricing

  • Basic: – In the Basic plan you will get a professional Google G Suite with 30 GB storage in just 2250 rupees per user per year. In addition, the basic plan also includes business email through G-mail, Video, and voice conferencing, and much more.
  • Business: – Business plan is amazing for small and big organizations. It has an enhanced office Suite with unlimited storage and archiving. It includes all Basic+ unlimited cloud storage in 7560 per user per year.
  • Enterprise: – Enterprise plan is considered a premium office suite with advanced controls and capabilities. It includes all business+ data loss prevention for G-mail in 17000 Rupees per user per year.


Current G Suite users related services will continue to function as Google Workspace. Even there is no price change at business starter and standard level from the previous ones. However business Plus is a new offer in Google Workspace with advanced capabilities. Changes made are on the basis of existing customer’s feedback to add greater value in new offerings.

It’s a fact that all the users not taking the full benefit of unlimited storage. A comparatively small number of organizations actually need it and using it completely. With the new editions, users will get more features and benefits such as Meet recordings, plentiful storage. In the current offers, clients will get as much storage as they need.

Can new users able to sign up for G Suite plans?

Unfortunately, new users can not be able to sign up for G Suite plans, Workspace is the only option for them. Workspace has more advanced features and benefits but from the storage point of view, it may be disappointing for few people. If you are an existing user of the G Suite plan and taking advantage of high or unlimited storage, you have to get in touch with Google or us to know when the time comes to switch to Workspace.

Google workspace plans are amazing with various advanced features at a reasonable price. It has various plans pack that is the business starter, business standard, business plus plan and business enterprise plan too offers various advanced features.

These are the changes in the Workspace plan you can compare from the old one (G Suite Plan). You can even get a free Google Workspace trial of 14 days. Do you want to use Google Workspace for personal or professional use, you can contact us for more details such as pricing, process, and plans.

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