Google Workspace vs G Suite| Updated Features and Benefits

Most people confused between Google Workspace vs G Suite. As of October 2020, Google rebranded G Suite into Workspace, and through this article, we will discuss all detailed information regarding this.

Either you are a G Suite user or just an onlooker, you must be wondering what this product means and what are the changes done by Google officially.

We will deflate What Google workspace is, and what it has to offer its customers. We will also discuss G Suite and what are customer expectations as a customer.

Introducing Google Workspace Vs G Suite

Few years before Google’s Apps for work become G suite. Since then G Suite’s popularity has risen and today more than 6 billion are connected with it. As its online productivity and collaboration tools are reliable.

However, as we discussed above G Suite brand is no more as Google has officially declared that G suite became Google workspace. It is not just a rebranding, as Google Workspace blurs lines of Google’s applications.

  • Amazing Solution: – Its seamless user experience (UX) can boost productivity and an employee can typically switch between 35 applications over 1,100 times a day. According to a study, an employee wastes 60 minutes approx in navigation. However, Google solution this by combining applications with user interface (UI) i.e. Google Workspace. It also focuses on collaboration and remote teamwork. Rebranding G Suite is an amazing solution in today’s time.
  • Current Usability: – Due to Covid, both Facebook and Google staff is not working through the office until July 2021. Meanwhile Twitter, Square, and Microsoft have also given the option to work from home on a permanent basis.
  • Golden Reinvention: – Few results showed that 92% of employees want the option to work from home. And this is the golden time in which Google reinvent the remote working platform

Features in Google Workspace

Google announced some new features for this platform. These are discussed below:-

  • A deeply integrated user experience: – Google combines multiple communication methods in a single interface.
  • Easy Collaboration: – According to Google, this will help in team collaboration more effectively. With this feature, frontline workers stay connected and businesses get digital customer experiences.
  • Unique Solutions:-A new way to get started with problem-solving for all your business issues as we understand your unique needs requires unique solutions.
  • Advance Features:- Here are some advanced feature of Google Workspace :-
  • Google workspace also integrates Meet, Chat, and Rooms more tightly.
  • Ability to create documents within the chat.
  • To provide seamless communication, Workspace will launch Smart Chip.
  • This feature also includes useful suggestions such as video calls and Emails.

Benefits of Google Workspace or G Suite

  • Cost Saving:- It is a reasonable solution to your business-related problem as it will deliver low operating costs for you than any other multi-platforms.
  • Collaboration:- Its interface feature benefits with real-time connectivity which gives a better and easy way to share and transfer information. That’s why it’s best for team collaboration.
  • Security:- Google Workspace comes with real-time updates. It came with the highest privacy and security standards.
  • Communication:- It’s an amazing way to keep your employees securely connected with Google Workspace effectively.

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