Top Reason Why You Should Choose G Suite Your Business

G Suite is a suite created to compile together all the applications created by google that are business-related. G Suite is a home for your calendar, spreadsheets, video conferences, documents and other work essentials.

G suite gives your work a professional touch and is deemed to be perfect for small business. It is basically one-stop for all the business-related functions. It has been stated as a beneficial function for enterprises looking to expand their businesses especially because G Suite helps to get a hold of the employees and the work in progress.


G Suite helps you stay connected to the colleagues and employees, it helps in formulating ideas that are required for the business, one is able to store all files and documents through G Suite which makes accessibility easier. Moreover it gives access to all Google apps, sites and features that exist.



G Suite gives you options like having a professional email address that support your email for example- This makes your email look more professional and gives a face value of your brand.


If you have purchased the right kind of package for your G Suite, you can get access to unlimited storage space. However, even if you opt for an individual G Suite package, you still have access to a large cloud storage space needed for an individual.


G Suite has 4 relevant packages, designed to meet needs of all kinds of gentry i.e. from an individual to an enterprise have availability to opt for a cost effective package to meet their own needs.


Since G Suite has better connectivity and eDiscovery options, it is easy to keep in touch with the team and the work they have been doing. The better connectivity leads to better communication too which results in more efficient end results.


G Suite has a great security system. Only people who will have access to the suite are the ones who are given access. This ensures that there is high-end security system because this means that no outside force can interfere with the privacy of the enterprise.


Other than having access to all Google apps, G Suite also has the utility of working in offline mode and once the computer is in range of internet the data can get synced once given access.


  1. Rs. 2400 BUSINESS STARTER:  This pack is perfect for an individual, it has the option to customise business email, 100 people can participate in the video meetings. It provides 30 GB storage space and also has security and management controls along with standard support.
  1. Rs. 7700 BUSINESS PLUS: This plan has e-Discovery with customisation of business email. 250 people can participate in business meetings and the meetings can be recorded, tracked and attendance can be recorded too. It also provides 1 TB storage space. It has enhanced security system,  a vault and endpoint management.
  1. Rs. 18900 ENTERPRISE PACK: This system is to be priced after consulting the google sales team. This pack has e-Discovery, retention and S/MIME encryption with email customisation. 250 people can participate in video meetings which can be recorded, tracked, and live-streamed, the attendance can be taken and there is also a feature of noise cancellation. It has unlimited storage. It has an advanced security system with a vault, DLP, Data regions and endpoint management. The support can be upgraded to Premium support.

Google has the availability to let you use many tools that are free of cost but as a business person to invest in the right kind of things is equally important. An enterprise can grow to success if handled efficiently and G Suite is high on the efficiency list. 

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