Microsoft 365 vs Google Suite: Which productivity suite is best for your business?

Microsoft and Google have creating a way out for us all by creating online offices consisting of applications that are focused on making our lives easier in the work front. since both of them have provided us with e-offices to choose what is the best of both has been a question in demand.

So here we will list down the features of both of them to make it easier for you to have a pick:


  1. It gives you storage capacity starting from 30 GB till 5TB per user.
  2. You can have 100-150 people on video calls.
  3. It provides you a vault feature which helps you in retain and searching data.
  4. This also provides you a smart search tool.
  5. You also have access to Appsheet without coding.
  6. Microsoft comes with annual plan options.
  7. It has options of all the major apps- Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One note
  8. You can edit the documents through web browser.


  1. G suite provides storage options starting from 4GB till 16 TB and you can buy additional data if you need it.
  2. Microsoft programmes like Excel are preferred over google programmes like google sheets.
  3. Google programme is more optimised for Chrome.
  4. Google programmes are designed to work on browsers that are exclusively made for it this is why using them on Mac can be tricky.
  5. G-Suite partner also allows the user to edit documents in the web browser and allows team sharing.

Hence, comparing the two both have their own benefits and programmes. It is a matter of how small or big enterprise you are using these e-offices for that will determine what is a better choice for you.

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