Google Drive makes space to store all your important data you can access anywhere and can even share your files in a secure place. You can easily access them from any device. The drive is a lifesaver for many Users.

G-suite Basic plans start with 30GB of storage for every employee, and if you need more space, you can change your plan accordingly. G-suite pricing varies on your business requirements.

  G-suite business and enterprise come with unlimited storage, so you will always have enough space for your important files. G-suite is a must-buy for every business. Google Apps for business makes working smoother and better. The best part of having your data uploaded on google drive is data security, which means when you upload files to Google Drive, you will never lose it; they are stored in secure data centers. Even if your computer, laptop, mobile, or tablet is lost or broken, you can still easily access your important files using other devices.

Google Drive is said to be file storage and was developed by Google. It was officially launched on 24 April 2012. It allows all users to store/upload their important files, docs, ppt, presentation, etc. on their servers and can be viewed across devices, which means you can easily access and share your files from anywhere anytime. 

Along with that, Google Drive comes up with an amazing option that offers the app to have offline features for Windows computers, android, and IoS. Basically, you don’t need the internet to check or access your important files. You can even access it without the internet as offline mode.

Google Drive is an important part of G-Suite as almost every business is using google workspace plans. Monthly subscription offerings for businesses and organizations users get limitless storage, advanced file audit reporting, administration controls, and the best tools for team support.

Some recent updates of G-suite

Some recent updates of G-suite

S.noProductUpdatesRelease Date
1DriveCreate pointers to any file or folder in Google Drive with shortcuts. 13-04-2020
2DriveNew sharing dialog for Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. 25-05-2020
3DriveShare folders in shared drives with a new beta. 25-05-2020
4DriveMigration of Drive DLP rules to the new system.20-07-2020
5DriveNew beta adds IRM controls for DLP to help protect sensitive content in documents. 27-07-2020
6DriveUse target audiences in beta to limit Google Drive sharing to specific groups. 24-08-2020
7DriveCollaborate with people who are not using a Google account in Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites. 31-08-2020
8DriveOffice editing on Android brings G Suite collaboration to Microsoft Office files. 07-09-2020
9DriveExpanding shortcuts in Google Drive, reducing unorganized files. 07-09-2020
10DriveGoogle Drive trash items will be automatically deleted after 30 days starting on October 13, 2020.14-09-2020

How to get started with google drive?

Step 1: Drive

On your computer— write  Or open your mail, click on google apps on the left side of your profile photo on your Gmail account.

           You will find “My Drive,” which has: 

Step 2: Upload or create files/folders

You can upload important files, images, video, PPT, or PDF from your computer to Google Drive.

Step 1 Select new on your drive 

Step 2 Click on upload a file/folder

Step 3 Choose the file/folder you wish to upload.

Step 4 Your file/folder is uploaded.


1. Yo can easily share large size file up to 10GB

You don’t have to worry about your file size as you can share your file with a size up to 10GB.

2. Easy upload 

Easy uploading, you can check your status while uploading your documents to see the progress.

3. Offline Access 

No internet or unable to connect, do not worry. You can get easy access to your files, even offline.

4. Link Access 

You can share your file with anyone by sharing your file link from your google drive with the person you wish to see or access it. You can customize the sharing settings as per your requirements.

5.Create your Drive view.

You can choose display settings and can set it customized from a list to a grid view. 

6. Activity Check 

You can see all the activities of your past work from your day1 to complete the month. By clicking on the “activity icon,” you can see all your activity details.

7.Moving file in another folder/new folder

You can move your files from one folder to another with a few clicks.

8. Customize your folders

You can give colors and add stars and rename to your files easily in your google drive. All this will make your drive highly organized.

9.Preview  before sharing

If you share any file from your drive, you can preview a file before sharing it with others.

10.Easy searching on drive

You can search all your files, text doc, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, PDF, audios, videos, and images easily using the search option.

You can also use “More search tools” by applying filters in the various mentioned options and click on the ‘Search button’ to do a unified search.

11. Connecting Application to  your drive

You can connect the application to your drive as per your needs.